Shearwater - Rooks chords

SHEARWATER - Rooks (2008)

(Original tuning, but a bit easier in A-minor.)

Intro :  Gm - F7 - Gm - F7 - Eb - D7

Gmwhen the rooks were laid in piles
by the sides of the road
F7crashing into the aerials
Gmtangled in the laundery line
F7and gathered in a field
Bb - F/A - Ebthey were burned in a feathering pyre
D7with a cold black eye
Gmwhen the swallows fell from the eaves
and the gulls from the spires
F7and starlings in the millions
Gmwill feed on the ground where they lie
F7the ambulance men said there's
Bb - F/A - Ebnowhere to flee for your life
D7so we stayed inside
Cmand we'll sleep until
D Gmthe world of man is paralyzed
Gm - F7 - Gm - F7 - Eb - D
GmOh the falconer awakes
Bbto the sound of the bells
Cmoverhead and southbound
D7 they are leaving his life
Gmand each empty cage just rings
Bbin his heart like a bell
Cmunderneath these cold stars
Dand his trembling night
Eband he cries of man
Cm D"let the kingdom come tonight
Gmlet this dream be realized"
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