Shearwater – If You Stay Sober chords

Left handed
Thanks to Anjy's post on the Shearwater Message Board.

Em Am D G Em If you stay sober, I'll put the kettle on.
Am D G And you can come over, drink tea, and watch the lawn,
C G And I'll lay you down.
C G I'll lay you down
C G C D AmAs the lights come on in town when day is over.
Em Am D G EmI wanted to die for two days in 95’
Am D G I stood by the lakeside and waited for the mood to be right.
C GAs all the leaves turned brown,
C G C G D Am I listened for the sounds starting to announce October.
Bridge: Em Am D G Em Am D G Em
C G I'll lay you down
C Gyou can empty out your mouth
C G C G D Amand I'll arrange the room again when everything is over.
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