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Date: Thu, 14 Dec 1995 19:41:49 -0800
From: (srv )
Subject: TAB: What's Goin' Down by Kenny Wayne Shepherd

	Artist:  Kenny Wayne Shepherd
	Song Name:  What's Goin' Down  
	CD Title:  Ledbetter Heights, Giant Records, 1995
    Transcribed by:  Timothy Grimes	e-mail:

	I am not the greatest TAB writer, so this is the best I have to 
	offer.  It is very close, if not right on.  It's a lot of fun and 
	it lends itself to some improvised Jimi/SRVisms.   

	Tune to E flat and play with a hard funky feel.  Amp settings     
       should be hot but not fully disrorted.  The sublties and         
       dynamics of intro riff are too hard for me to illustrate so just 
       imagine you ARE SRV, Jimi, or KWS and really put some emotion    
       into it and it will sound really cool.    

	(h/p = hammer-on/pull-off)


(*slide from 5th to 7th fret) E||---3-h/p-5---------------------------------------------------- B||---3-h/p-5---3-3-3-------------------------------------------- G||---3---------3-4-3-h/p-4---------5---5--7--5------------------ D||----------5--------------5--3----5---5--7--5------------------ A||------------------------------*7---7---------7--5------------- E||-3------------------------------------------------7--6--5--3--
The chords are pretty straight forward after the riff (C,C#,D,G-riff) the bridge is B minor on the 7th fret the down to the A and back, and the lead is in B minor pentatonic. I ain't a word guy, so I will let someone else add the words and chord changes. Good Luck! -Tim -- KENNY WAYNE SHEPHERD - WHAT'S GOIN' DOWN as recorded on the album Ledbetter Heights Transcribed by Fulvio Lepore. - Kenny's guitar is tuned half step down so the track on the album sounds in F#. h = hammer on p = pull off x = string muted with left hand This is the main riff of the song:
G C---x--3h5p3-----------------------------------------------------x--3---------------------------------------------------------x-----------7----7---------------5---5---5----------------------------5--7h9--7h9p7-------5---5-5-5h7-5-----------------5------------------------10-5--5h7---7--------7-7-5h7p5------3-------------------------------------------------------7-5-
Verse 1 C C# D Time's a wastin' now G C And I ain't got no time to play C C# D Everything is changin' now G C G C Pretty soon it's all gone away Verse 2 C C# D Can we make the changes now G C You know there's no other way C C# D Now's the time and the time is now G C It's not the why, it's just the how Chorus: C C# Bm Have you looked around my friend A And really seen what's going down Bm Take a look into the sky A And lay your hand upon the ground Bm I ask of you good neighbour D for a life long favor G C It is my faith I put in you Solo 1 (goes on the sames chords as the chorus) Repeat Verse 2 and Chorus Solo 2 (goes on the same chords as the main riff)
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