Sherri Youngward – This Dream Of Mine chords

This Dream of Mine/True Story Β– Key of Am
Am Fmaj7I had a dream I heard a great sound
Am Fmaj7It was God coming down to find me
Am There was light all around
Fmaj7It was brighter than lightning
Am GAnd it covered the earth like a blanket
Musical Interlude: Am Fmaj7 Fmaj7/D (3x)
Am Am/GI shed all sadness and striving
Fmaj7 Am7/DLike worn out old clothing
Am Fmaj7And I was relinquished from gravity
C D11 C D11I breathed a sigh of relief, like a soldier after war
C D11 G Like a soldier that finally made it home
Musical Interlude: (made it home) G D F C (4x)
Am When I opened my eyes
Fmaj7To six inches of sky
Am Fmaj7Through the half opened blinds on my window
Am Fmaj7I had to smile, full of the feeling
Am Fmaj7That this dream of mine would come true
Outro: (La-LaΒ’s)
G D F C (14x)
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