Sherri Youngward - Nothing Compares To Thee chords

Nothing Compares to Thee Ė Key of D
D2 C2 (no 3rd)I have seen the beauty of the mountains
G/B G/BbStood in awe at the depths of the sea
D2 C2 (no 3rd)I have wondered at the stars in the heavens
G/B G/Bb (C2 second time)But nothing compares to Thee
G D Nothing compares to Thee
C DIn wisdom, strength or beauty
G D Bm (Am-C second & third time -2x)
Nothing compares to Thee at all (C last time)Bridge
Bm C2Thatís why my hands keep reaching for You
Bm C2Thatís why my eyes keep looking to You
Bm C2Thatís why my heart keeps beating for You
Bm C2Thatís why my feet keep running to You
C2 C2running to you, running to You (to chorus)
Outro: G D Em C7 (4x)
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