Sheryl Crow – Over You tab

Over You by Sheryl Crow  from the album C'Mon C'mon




G#m  B  E  E
G#m  B  E  A

bridge to chorus

F#m  A
F#m  A


D/E (slide up) Esus4(riff on & off sus4)  F#m  A
E (in the same way)   A

middle 8 same as intro but with singing solo over chorus chords solo in E major, based around the IX position G#m B E A I feel like Cherry Wine, like Valentines, Like a Spring is coming, G#m B E And evrything is alright G#m B E A I've got a love thats new, I hear you're happy too Thats the way it should be F#m A F#m A But lately I feel like crying... D/E F#m A I wanna get over you, But you're everywhere E F#m A And I just can't get away D/E F#m A I gotta get over you, Cause its just not fair D/E A That I still see your face I heard your name today I walked away Cause everone's still talking I don't need that in my life Got better things to do Than worry about you I'm gonna keep on walking But sometimes I don't know why
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