Sheryl Crow – Long Road Home tab

			     Long Road Home - Sheryl Crow
Tabbed by: eboswald Houston Texas

Tuning: Standard

Capo on 4th Fret - Chord shapes are related to capo
                   Slide Guitar frets are related to the nut

Intro Chords and Slide Guitar Intro

{G} {C/G} {G} {D}e|--9s11--9s11--9--7--7--|--9s11--9s11--9--7--9--|B|-----------------------|-----------------------|G|-----------------------|-----------------------|D|-----------------------|-----------------------|A|-----------------------|-----------------------|E|-----------------------|-----------------------|
{C} {G} {C}{G} {D}{G} e|--7--9s11--7--9s11--9--7--|--7--9s11--9s11--9--7--7--|B|--------------------------|--------------------------|G|--------------------------|--------------------------|D|--------------------------|--------------------------|A|--------------------------|--------------------------|E|--------------------------|--------------------------|
Riff (horn riff transposed for guitare|-------------|B|--7s9--7--4--|G|-------------|D|-------------|A|-------------|E|-------------|
{G}Teach me the {C}golden {G}rule, make me a love sick {D}fool In the {C}light of {G}day, let sorrow {C}drift a {G}way Crown of thorns has {D}many {G}jewels {G}Songs of glory {C}sung in {G}hate, only destroy what love has {D}made And if the {C}kingdom {G}comes dont wana {C}be the {G}one That is stanging {D}in the {G}way Chorus Sure as the {C}Wind {G}blows (riff) Sure as the {C}Riv {G} ver {D}flows We will {C}meet {G}again (riff) On the {C}long {G}road {D}home {G} {C} {G} They say they'd seen His face, they say He's called them names I have heard their lies, heard the peoples cries Time has come it's getting late All the stories I have heard, enlightened ones who've walked the earth Bring me sweet relief,rid me of humean grief I am free from every hurt Chorus Bridge {Em}Doesnt matter if you're {C} right or {G} wrong {Em} I think it's best to sing a {C} simple {G} song {Em} What they've been {D/F#} saying oh {G} for so {C} long (Am} It's love and {B/G} happiness is {C} whats going {D} on Repeat Chorus 3 times {G}
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