Sheryl Crow – Members Only tab

Rob's notes:  Where the "C*" appears with the asterisk it's just a passing note listen to the record.

It's in 4/4 time, no capo, although the recording speed has been altered and its slightly off concert pitch.

David's notes:  Lower all strings by half a tone. Chords between() mean they continue from previous verse.

Chords used: Am C G Em DE-0---------0---------3-----------0-------2-------B-1---------1---------3-----------0-------3-------G-2---------0---------0-----------0-------2-------D-2---------2---------0-----------2-------0-------A-0---------3---------2-----------2-------0-------E-0---------3---------3-----------0-------0-------
Opening: G acoustic riff (8 times w/ lead guitar coming in) G acoustic riff (4 times w/ big drum kick added) (Changes rythm, same beat, with cool lead guitar signature riff) G G C C G G C C Verse 1: G C Uncle larry's hooked on ice again G c Am He seems to be stuck in the 80's (Am) C* G Am He wears his member's only jacket (Am) C G Cause he thinks it turns on all the ladies Chorus: D Em And all the white folks shake their asses D C* G Looking for the two and four C G I'll have mine in martini glasses Em D G Cause i can't take it anymore G G C C (cool lead riff) Verse 2: G C These are the days of empty kitchens G C Am The rise and fall of MAry Ellen's hairdo (Am) C G Am I think she's found a new religion (Am) C G Studying the Kabalah in her J. Crew Chourus D Em And all the rich kids shake their asses D C* G Looking for the two and four C G Well I'll have mine with blackstrap molasses Em D C Cause I can't taste it anymore C D G No I can't taste it anymore Break: G G C C G G C C (cool lead riff) G C G C D D G D G (solo over same chords as first verse segment) Verse 3: G G My friend Greg says it's all good G C Am As the eastern seaboard's blown away (Am) C G Am Now everything is going half-price (Am) G So look at all the money we saved Chorus D Em And all the politicians shake their asses D G Looking for the backdoor C G I'll just be hanging out with the lasses Em D C Cause they don't like the boys no more C D G No and I can't take it anymoe G G C C G G C C (cool lead riff) (end cold on G) Tablature Riff by Daniel Bromley ( H= hammer on P= Pull off
The acoustic riff:E:---3---1p0---0----------B:-----3-----3----3-------G:------------------------D:------------------------A:------------------------E:-3----------------------
The electric riff (listen to the cd to get timing and accents right)
A lower tone version (mainly for higher pitched guitars [such as the one on the track].)
Tabbed originally by Rob Anderson ( Revised by David Ribeiro (Sherly Crow- Paradise) Hope you guys enjoy it, it took for ever to find and even longer to type -- cindy
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