Shinedown - The Energy tab version 1

Well since no one has the balls to tab out "The Energy" by Shinedown so I guess I will.

This will be very close but there are layers of studio guitars.

Tuning D-A-D-G-B-e

Gsus2: 5    Fsus2  3
       8           6
       7           5
       5           3
       5           3
       5           3

Intro riff: Rhythm Chords: 4/4 Gsus2 5 counts then Fsus2 3 counts
Intro lead: simplistically

Chords transisioning from verse to chorus are: F---A#--c Here are just the chords for the chorus so you'll have to figure out the timing on your own and they change fast... FF-CC--GG-G-C-G-C-D#D#-A#A#-D#-D#-FFCCF REPEAT Then the Gsus2 to Fsus2 riff twice to A#""""""""C"""""""" Bridge is very easy E to a D then to a C Listen to the song for the timing on the riffs. I will be posting a video soon to show how its played.
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