Shinedown – Im Not Alright chords

This is my first tab so I hope I did a good job and hopefully this will help someone 
else out. Pretty simple song using basic power chords in a drop-D tuning. If you like it 
please rate and comment. Enjoy!

Intro Lick:|-12p10----10----10----10----10h12----12----12----12----||-------10----10----10----10-------10----10----10----10-||-------------------------------------------------------||-------------------------------------------------------||-------------------------------------------------------||-------------------------------------------------------|
Verse 1:
(D)All dressed up
In a white straitjacket Shut your mouth No, you can't have it
(G)Paper airplanes
Open window
(A)Here today
(C)And gone tomorrow
(D)I like to stare at the sun
And think about what I've done
(F) (G)I lie awake in my great escape
(D)I like crossing the line
And slowly losing my mind
(F)Are you ok
(G)'Cuz I feel fine
(Bb)Maybe it's me
(D)I'm just crazy
(Bb) (G) (D)Maybe I like that I'm not alright
[Riff] Verse 2: (chords are same as verse 1) All messed up And slightly twisted Am I sick or am I gifted Paper airplanes Open window Here today And gone tomorrow [Chorus] Bridge:
(Bb) (C)Wooo-ooh
(D)I don't care if you apologize
I can't lie
(Bb) (C)Wooo-o0h
I can't lie [Chorus]
(Bb) (G) (D)Maybe I like that I'm not alright
[Riff] End.
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