Shining – Quicksilver tab

Ok, this is a great song, and the tab is taken from their official site
(, which was nice of them, and it sounds pretty damn good.

Main Riff|---------------------------|---------------------------|---------------------------|---------------------------|-----x-x-------------------|-9-9-x-x--9-9-9-9--7-7p5-7- x4
Drums in x3
Riff 2|----------------------|----------------------|----------------------|----------------------|-----x-x--------7h9-7-|-9-9-x-x--9-9-9-------
Verse: Main riff, end on riff 2 Verse 2: same as verse 1 Break: same as verse 1, guitar 2 makes noises with wah and delay Verse 3: same as verse 1 Verse 4: same as all the other verses!
Chorus: chords.... C#5, B5, F#5, D#5, E5|--------------------------||--------------------------||--------------------------||-6----4---------8----9----||-4----2----4----6----7----||-----------2--------------|
then C#5, B5, F#5 (x4) then C#5, D#5, E5, F#5 Verse: main riff Chorus
Riff 3|-------------------------|-------------------------|-------------------------|-4-4b(6)r4-----------2---|-----------4-2-4-2-4---4-|------------------------- x7
then... (with wah)|---------------------------------|---------------------------------|---------------------------------|---------------------------------|-7-7-7-7-7-7-7-7-7-7/11-11-11-11-|---------------------------------
Chorus: C#5, B5, F#5 x4 C#5, D#5, E5, F#5 x2 Riff 3 till break
Riff 4|-------------|-------------|-------------|-------------|-7h9-7-------|-------9-7-9-repeatback to riff 1 till the end
any questions? ________________________________ Lyrics: I kept my feet on the ground Till my ship ran around Then I soon lost my way As I wandered lonely Like a cloud that could only Drifting through time With no superstition I heeded to vision I reached for the light My head started ringing And voices were singing That filled up the void Here the noise I was remeniscing Somebody was listening But whisper the time is mine You all know about me Already you doubt me Will I still have a choice? Hear the noise Fill the void
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