Shins - Kissing The Lipless tab version 2

       		      Kissing The Lipless - The Shins
Tabbed by: Jonathon McCullough
Email: jonovox(at)gmail(dot)com

I tried to make this as non-confusing as possible, which is a challenge due 
to the ambiguousness of the chords used. It should be mostly accurate.

Chords: B Db Ebm E Ebm7 C# Cb Gbe--2-----4-----6-----7-----11-----11-----7-----9----|B--4-----6-----7-----9-----11-----11-----7-----11---|G--4-----6-----8-----9-----11-----10-----8-----11---|D--4-----6-----8-----9-----11-----11-----9-----11---|A--2-----4-----6-----7-----13-----11-----9-----9----|E--2-----4-----------------11-----9------7----------|
B Db B Db Called to see If your back was still aligned B Db B Db And your sheets Were growing grass all on the corners of your bed B Db B But you've got too much to wear on your sleeves Db B Db B Db that has too much to do with me and secretly I want to bury in the yard Ebm E Ebm7 C# The grey remains of a friendship scarred Ebm7 C# Ebm7 C# Cb C# Ebm7 C# You told us of your new life there Ebm7 C# You got someone coming 'round Ebm7 C# Glueing tinsel to your crown Cb C# He's got you talkin' pretty loud Ebm7 C# You berate remember Ebm7 C# Your ailing heart and your criminal eyes Ebm7 C# You say you're still in love Cb C# If it's true, what can be done? Ebm E Ebm7 C# It's hard to leave all these moments behind
Ebm7 C#e|-----------------------------------|B|-----------------------------------|G|-----------------------------------|D|--13-13-13-13--11--9--8--9---------|A|----------------------------8---11-|E|-----------------------------------|
Ebm7 C# Cb C#e|-------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|--------11-11--11-12-11-14-11-12-11--------------------------------------|G|--11-13-----------------------------13-11-10-11--------11----------------|D|------------------------------------------------13-11-----13-11-11-------|A|-------------------------------------------------------------------14-13-|E|-------------------------------------------------------------------------|
Ebm7 C# Ebm7 C# Called to see if your back was still aligned Ebm7 C# Cb C# And your sheets Were growing grass all on the corners of your bed Ebm7 C# Ebm7 But you've got too much to wear on your sleeves C# Ebm7 C# Cb C# that has too much to do with me and secretly I want to bury in the yard Ebm E Gb The grey remains of a friendship scarred
B Db B Db B Db B Db You tested your mettle on doe skin and petals B Db B Db Ebm E While kissing the lipless who bleed all the sweetness away
B Db Ebm Ee|------------------------------|B|---2/4---4/6---6/7---7/9-9\7--|G|------------------------------|X3D|------------------------------|A|------------------------------|E|------------------------------|
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