Shins – Pink Bullets tab ver. 2


Band / Artist: The Shins
Song Title: Pink Bullets
Album: Chutes Too Narrow (2003)
Track #7

I didn't add strumming patterns or note duration in the tabs, just listen to
the song and you will probably be able to figure them out. Also tried to
point out most of the minor chord changes, if you are having trouble with
timing, check the chords version: , the main
chords are there.

Tuning: eBGDAE

Capo 3rd fret

Chords used:

Em    (022000)
D     (xx0232)
Dsus4 (xx0233)
Dsus2 (xx0230)
A     (x02220)
G     (320033)
F     (133211)
C     (x32010)
Cadd9 (x32030)

/  slide up
\  slide down
h  hammer-on
p  pull-off

== Intro/Verse ==

Em - D - A

Strum pattern is something like D - D - U - D, where the first down strum
emphasizes the bass note in each chord.
Also, in the strum right before each chord change, he plays the strings open
and then moves to next chord.
Sometimes he plays a little riff around the A:

D Ae|--2----0--0---------|B|--3----2--2h3p2p0---|G|--2----2--2---------|D|--0----2--2---------|A|-------0--0---------|E|--------------------|
At the same time the chords are being played, a second guitar plays the riff:
Relatively to capo:e|--7--------5--------2------2/3/5-------------|B|-----5\3------3\0------0------------3/5------|G|-----------------------------------------4---|D|---------------------------------------------|A|---------------------------------------------|E|---------------------------------------------|
NOT Relatively to capo:e|--10--------8--------5------5/6/8------------|B|------8\6------6\3------3------------6/8-----|G|------------------------------------------7--|D|---------------------------------------------|A|---------------------------------------------|E|---------------------------------------------|
== 1st Chorus == G - D (Dsus4) x2 G - D (Dsus2) F - C (Cadd9) - D (Dsus4) While playing the D chords, he plays the Dsus4 chord once (except before the F, when he plays a Dsus2). Also, every C in the song changes into a Cadd9 In the end, he plays a little riff around the D:
D Dsus4e|--2-----3-----2--2h3p2p0---|B|--3-----3-----3--3---------|G|--2-----2-----2--2---------|D|--0-----0-----0--0---------|A|---------------------------|E|---------------------------|
== Verse == (Same as before) == 2nd Chorus == G - D (Dsus4) x3 F - C (Cadd9) - G Here the D-Dsus4 changes are faster, with some hammer ons/pull offs. == Bridge == C (Cadd9) - D (Dsus4) - F - G x2 C (Cadd9) - D (Dsus4) - G C (Cadd9) - C (Cadd9) - D Before every C (including the first one), he plays:
G Ce|--3------------0-----|B|--3------------1-----|G|--0------------0-----|D|--0------------2-----|A|--2------0--2--3-----|E|--3---3--------------|
== Solo == (Same as Intro/Verse) == 3rd Chorus == G - D (Dsus4) x2 G - D (Dsus2) F - C (Cadd9) x2 F - C (Cadd9) - D -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
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