Shins – Celibate Life tab

Intro: De--2---2-3-5-3-2-------------|b--3-------------3-----------|g--2---------------2-0-2-0-2-|d----------------------------|a----------------------------|e----------------------------|
Verse 1: D Dsus4 The dust from your four-day affair, A Asus4 Is now landing all over the floor D Dsus4 A And your brown legs, the gold plated legs of my rival, Asus4 G Whose eyes had no reason to fall Chorus: G D A G You've led no celibate life, G D A G No skirt while chemicals danced on your head G D A G You stole keys to this ride and your fables, A Are falling tonight... (Same as Verse 1) Because of your struggle to make them, Their tase for your past-time is fading Remember the girls in the middle, Are always the first to fall off (Same as Chorus) You've learned to live like a mouse, Searching the cracks in the walls to remember All of the dregs in the crowd, You barely recall...
Solo:e--3-2------3-2---3-2------------------------------------------------|b------3--------3-----3-3-2------------------------------------------|g--------2------------------2-----------0-0--------------------------|d-----------------------------2---2-2-4-----4-4-4--2-0---------------|a------------------------------------------------------4-4-0---2-0-0-|e--------------------------------------------------------------------|(listen to song for timing)
You've led no celibate life, No skirt while chemicals danced on your head You stole the keys to this ride, You're falling tonight...
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