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Turn A Square-The Shins
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Cmaj7 E A She shone up bright like a knife G A Wearing tennis shorts made of stripes E A Hand in hand to the grass and we got it right D A Got it nice, nice, nice Just a glimpse of an ankle and I React like itís 1805 And Iíd swim to the poles just to find the right satellite Itíll take all of my strength to give up Chorus:
e|----------------|---------------|----------------|-------------------| B|----------------|---------------|----------------|-------------------| G|----------------|---------------|----------------|-------------------| D|----------------|---------2-4---|5---------------|--2-------4-2---0--| A|--2-----4-4-----|-5-------0-0---|0-4-----5-5-----|--0-------0-0---0--| E|--3-----3-3-----|-3-------------|--5-----5-5-----|-------------------|
e|----------------|---------------|----------------|--0----------------| B|----------------|---------------|----------------|--0----------------| G|----------------|---------------|----------------|--0----------------| D|----------------|---------2-4---|5---------------|--2----------------| A|--2-----4-4-----|-5-------0-0---|0-4-----5-5-----|--3----------------| E|--3-----3-3-----|-3-------------|--5-----5-5-----|-------------------|
G A But you all know I tried G So forget about it, girl A My headís like a kite Cmaj7 When such a creature I sight Verse: To town! Where youíre feet leave no prints on the ground Have I left my home just to whine in this microphone? It gets worse every time that we talk Canít afford to be just one in a flock But thatís your lot When youíre after such a well-made lock Who was classically trained to give up Ch: And my friends know I tried So forget about it, girl Even I donít know why I canít just stay the course Keep my hands on the wheel Our detractors were right My headís like a kite Cmaj7 All my thoughts run astray And Iím a walking cliche When such a creature I sight Solo over verse G A Ch: I canít just stay the course Keep my hands on the wheel Our detractors were right My headís like a kite Cmaj7 E G in the chorus Ė alternate between these two:
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