Shins - Won One Too Many Fights tab

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Artist: The Shins
 Album: tba
  Song: Won One Too Many Fights

NOTE: James played this song at the Moonshine Festival.

All chords are barred high up the neck. No guarentees on the lyrics.

A              E
the gut of me professes love
A             C#m               D
and hollerin' pre secretations
A                     C#m
but there are just so many of
E                     D E
you are different

A                     E
a stronger girl would brush this off in flight
A            C#m                  D
never giving more than a frowning hour
A                               C#m
but you have let your heart decide
E                      D E
loss has conquered you

D       E                D
and you won one too many fights
        E              D
wearin' many hats every time
        E                  A      D E
but you won't win here tonight

A                       E
you made it through the direst of straits all right
A                        C#m                   D
can you help it if plain love now seems less interesting
A                          C#m
but you haven't changed an ounce in my eyes
      E                   D E
and I cannot lecture you

A               E
does anything I say seem relevant at all
A                  C#m                       D
you've been at the helm since you were just 5ive
A              C#m                      E       D E
and I cannot claim to be more than a passenger

D           E            D
well you won one too many fights
         E                          D
wearin' all of your clothes at the same time
 E                         F#m 
do you want an end tonight
G                       D
oh girl, sail and don't sink her
    riff( E  D  C#  A B C#)
this time...
    riff( E  D  C#  A B C#)
this time...

do do, da das...

(it's late and I'm a little lost in this area, but it picks back up again.
you get the idea.)

just a moment to find out
not a mind will retain even a trace
with the thoughts that we struggle to tell
and now our stack of cards just fell

to settle this one time for all the light
no longer shows the cracks around your door
and I have no lantern to light your way home tonight

you are not some saint who's above
we're not gonna stroll through the flowers
you got so much more to dream of
oh girl, sail and don't sink her
this time...
this time...
this time...
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