Shins - My Seventh Rib tab

The Shins - My Seventh Rib
Submitted by Cody Armacher
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G riff     A riff

3-3-3-3 5-5-5-53-3-3-3 5-5-5-54-4-4-4 6-6-6-65-5-5-5 7-7-7-75-5-5-5 7-7-7-73-3-0-0 5-5-0-0
Verse 1 G riff your silver tounge laughs at the clowns of our age A riff a slow production line of cheap shots from G riff both sides shot from the hip A riff to my seventh rib a spoiled tomato lies in all that you D C G say and I was the last of us to know D-C C-Bb (slide) G riff sound the alarm for my A riff sentimental ways have come in view we've all got our own G riff knives sold to the worst of devils we A riff know our mind and tight skin will soon be D C G old but this wasn't meant for us to know D-C C-Bb G riff slide to Bb three times G riff D Youths open shutters give way to another taken by sleight of A G C hand, and every american has the mouth of a pelican A G E G D now can I share that pillow with you love? G riff they've got us in fits to find a way A riff out of this, exploded view of a life once so G riff simple first with the curse and my senti- A riff C C C# D mental ways are drawing my innocence to a close C G but these weren't mean for me to know
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