Shins - A Call To Apathity tab

The Shins - A call to apathity
tab is written by Daniel Vargas Diaz

Untie me, I've said no vows
The train is getting way too loud
I gotta leave here my girl
Get on with my lonely life
Just leave the ring on the rail
For the wheels to nullify

Until this turn in my head
I let you stay and you paid no rent
I spent twelve long months on the lam
That's enough sitting on the fence
For the fear of breaking dams

am        C
I find a fatal flaw
In the logic of love
	     C                G
And go out of my head
am		  C
You love a sinking stone
That'll never elope
	    C                  G
So get used to the lonesome
C			G
Girl, you must atone some
C			G			F
Don't leave me no phone number there
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