Shins - Red Rabbits tab

This tab is only about 95% complete because I couldn't figure out a couple of the
on two chords quite (find the ??s, win a prize!).  But this should more than get you started
a very simple song.

I figured it out on an acoustic guitar and keyed it to match the CD.  I did it with a
on the first fret to play the whole thing using simpler open chords.  For beginners, this
the chord name used ONLY represents the chord shape.  So when you play a G with capo, 
actually playing Ab/G#, C=C#, etc.

The open chords I used:

G = 320001
C = x32010
F = 113211 (or xx3211 if you don't want to barre it)
Em= 022000
Am= x02210
D = x00232

Any help with the parts I missed or if you'd just like to share how lame I am for
them can be sent to




G    C    F
G    Em   F
G    Em          Am
C?   D

G              C              F
Hurled to the center of the earth again

G                     Em
The place where it’s hot love

             F                 G
You know it hurts to breathe in

G        Em                          Am
And the watershed you balance on is begging it

             ??                  D
Well did he ever know?  Will he ever know?

G                 C               F
The trees in the moonshine are a dark lattice

G        Em              F       G
So you catalogue every angle you notice

G     Em                       Am
In a vacuum you are charged to record this

        ??            D      C
So you won’t make it easy on me


C  G                     F
I can’t go into this no more

             G                 C
It puts too many thorns on my mind

         D                        G
And the necessary balloon lies a corpse on the floor

                F   G   F  G  C
We’ve pissed in far too ma-ny Sprites

And they’re all standing up for their rights

G   C   F
G   Em  F

G          C                        F
Born on a desert floor, you’ve the deepest thirst

G        Em              F          G
And you came to my sweet shore to indulge it

G        Em                           Am
With the wan and drilling eyes of an orphan

              ??                    D
But there was not enough, there is not enough

G         C              F
Out of a gunnysack fall red rabbits

G       Em            F           G
Into a crucible to be rendered an emulsion

G      Em                            Am
And we can’t allow a chance they’d restore themselves

       ??            D       C
So we can’t make it easy on you


C  G                            F
Undaunted, you bathe in hollow cries

              G                 C
The boys with swollen sunburnt eyes

    D                         G
A reward for letting nothing under their skin

           F G     F     G C
So help me I don’t know, I might

      D                            F?  G
Just give the ole Dark Side a try


      C                             D
Don’t cast your willing eyes on the shore

                        F?  G
‘til we even the score

         C                          D
I still owe you for he hole in the floor

                           F?   G
And the ghost in the hall

     C                            D
Who decides who paddles over the falls?

Yeah, who makes the call?  Who makes the call?


G    C    F
G    Em   F
G    Em          Am
??   D

G    C    F
G    Em   F
G    Em          Am


C G                     F
I know there’s an eventual

             G               C
Release from every scale of crime

         D                        G
But the necessary balloon lies a corpse on the floor

                F   G   F  G  F    GF   G
We’ve pissed on far too ma-ny good in-ten-tions

F    G  F   G   C
Held by cle-ver sprites

And they’re all standing up for their rights

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