Shins - Theyll Soon Discover tab

They'll Soon Discover-The Shins
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Intro Riffe|-2-0----------------------|b|-3---3-2-0---------2222---|g|-2-----2---2-0-----2222---|d|-0-----2-------4-2-2222---|a|--------------------------|E|--------------------------|
D A C G D A When you were young and wise C G D A C G Scratching your letters in the sand D A C G A C G And your imagination led you all around by the hand D A Did you ever wonder C G D A C G what crazy adventures there might be D A C G D A C G Unfolding in the currents under the waves at the bottom of the sea A Well, heís our buddy G Got alotta vision G A His buck-teeth G A cockeyed smile G A Canít stop this invertebrate on a mission D A C G So CHARGE!! (Repeat Intro Chords) D A A sinister design C G D A C G a wild-goose chase for a crown D A I hope your eyes align C G D A C G Before they tear apart your town D A If you wanna win C G D A C G Say goodbye to your kin in the ocean D A C G Stay your ground, donít be discouraged D A C G Donít let Ďem turn our brains into porridge A Youíre Robert G You got alotta vision G A Your buck-teeth G A starward heart G A Canít stop this invertebrate on a mission D A C G So CHARGE!! (repeat intro chords under solo) Bm G But itís a long, hard fight E G The corner turns and itís always another mile Bm G Keep working day and night E They think they got your number F#m BUT THEYíLL SOON DISCOVER! (Outro same as Intro)
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