Shiny Toy Guns – Finalereprise chords

First part done with power chords.

Intro Bb C Bb F Bb Em F Em

C BbJack's OK, and he's back, OK
FHe's all right
EmLet's shout, make a fuss
Scream it out.
C FJack is back now, everyone sing
Bb EmIn our town of Halloween (End power chords)
D#mWhat is this?
F#What is this?
AbmI haven't got a clue
F#Why it's completely new
BMust be a Christmas thing
C#It's really very strange
D/C#This is Halloween
D#mThis is Halloween
Abm EMy dearest friend, if you don't mind
B F# EI'd like to join you by your side
B F# EWhere we can gaze into the stars
B F# E BAnd sit together, now and forever
B F# EFor it is plain as anyone can see
BWe're simply meant to be
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