Shipping And Handling - Their Eyes chords


Standard Tuning
Capo on 3rd fret. This is how I play it

Intro: Em, C, G (x2)

Em C Hello Mr. and Mrs. 806
Em C I'm getting tired of letting you in
G My friends
Em What can you tell me
C About this situation
Em C Just take everything you know
G And trust in me I'll
Em C G Keep my eyes closed
Em C G Never let go
Em C Their eyes are telling me everything
Em C Their eyes are trying to hide something
Em They can't keep this up
C I just have to trust
Em C Em That their eyes, their eyes know
Em C Surpass the rest to help yourself
Em I feel my pressure will never help
C I apologize to you
Em Picking sides is never easy
C But we'll forget the things that I seek
Em C No more will we hurt you again
Em C G Keep your eyes closed
E C G We won't let go
CHORUS Outro: Em, C, G, Em
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