Shoji Meguro – Unavoidable Battle tab

Artist: Persona 3 (Shoji Meguro)
Album: Persona 3 Original Soundtrack
Song: Unavoidable Battle, Disc 1, Track 10

Tabbed by: CurtR

Most of the credit must go to HumanLarva and vinnyfav as alot of the parts
are tabbed from their youtube videos, with small sections (where the video
got blurry) tabbed out by myself (can you guess which parts?).

This tab may be extremely wrong but as no actual tab exists at the current
date it is the most accurate "tab" uploaded of this song to date

This song is more of a long solo, so you could just treat this tab as a
reference and solo around it (trust me alot of different ways of playing
work!). ALSO this song when played in game is looped several times over (if a
long battle is being played and this is the play music (rare)) most the time
2 times is satisfactory but you can loop this as many times as you want.

E Standard
E, A, D, G, B, E
Basic Distortion (the video uses heavy distortion and volume down low with
minor touches of Delay effects etc..)

Now the tab:

Intro/Intermission(s)/Outro (all power chords):

Repeat Intro/Intermission(s)/Outro again End Intro/Intermisson(s)/Outro:
Repeat End Intro/Intermission(s)/Outro again Solo Part 1:
Repeat Solo Part 1 again Solo Part 2:
Repeat Solo Part 2 again Thats pretty much it! As you can see a pattern develops, for the actual song length it is played like: Intro/Intermission(s)/Outro x2 End Intro/Intermission(s)/Outro x2 Solo Part 1 x2 Solo Part 2 x2 Intro/Intermission(s)/Outro x2 End Intro/Intermission(s)/Outro x2 Solo Part 1 x2 Solo Part 2 x2 Intro/Intermissions(s)/Outro x2 Of course feel free to repeat it again and again! Improvisation Tip: Also some people alter the 7~ in Solo Part 2 into a few strums of these powerchords: |7 |7 |5 |7 |5 or |5 CurtR
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