Shooter Jennings - Gone To Carolina tab

Make sure when you play this song and your playing for accuracy, put the flickers in 
which is a Dsus while you are playing the D chord. Fills are played with lead electric guitar

e--------|b--------|g--------|d--5--3--|a--5--3--|E--3--1--| G5/\F5
Dsus D Cadd9 Everytime I think I smell that sweet southern rain Cadd9 G G5 F5 D It takes me to a station on the long black train D Cadd9 I want to hear the wind blow, feel the earth move below me Cadd9 G G5 F5 D In spite of all the good times, gotta rest my soul Chorus D Cadd9 I'm gone, yes, I'm gone Cadd9 G G5 F5 D Gone To Carolina, where I know that I belong D Cadd9 Yes, I'm gone, yes, I'm gone Cadd9 G G5 F5 D Gone To Carolina, where I know I have a home (For this part,use the same notes as the first part) Every time I think I see your face in a crowd It's like a bell inside of me and it's ringin' out loud I been so high for so long, there's nothing tried nor true I'm thinking about coming down to lay a little on you.
Fill 1 G Cadd9e-------------------------|b-------------------------|g--7b(1)--9b(9b)-7-----7v-|d--7b(1)------------9-----|a-------------------------|E-------------------------|
Guitar Solo(Distorted) G Cadd9 D Dsuse----------------------------------------------------|b----------------------------------------------------|g----------------------------------------------------|d----------------------------------------------------|a--10\15-15-15-15b--13-13-13-15-10b-8-13-5b--3v------|E----------------------------------------------------|
G Cadd9 D Dsuse------------------------------------------------------------|b------------------------------------------------------------|g------------------------------------------------------------|d------------------------------------------------------------|a--10\15-15-15-15bh-----15rb--13-13-13-15b-15b-15b--13v------|E-------------------15---------------------------------------|
bh - Bend and Hold rb - Release Bend b - Bend v - Vibrato \ - Slide
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