Short Stack - Planets tab version 4

OK this is my first ever tab so if it seems kind of crap sorry about that. But anyways I 
you like it! You can play the 4's 3's and 1's on the 9th 8th and 6th fret of the E 
if you find that easier. It's easier for me to tab it out that way.

Tabbed by: Becluvparamore

IntroGuitar 1E--------------------------------|B--------------------------------|G--------------------------------|D--------------------------------|A--9-8---9-8---9-8---------------| x2E-6---9-6---9-6---9-9-8-8-9-6-6\-|
Second time guitar 2 comes inE---------------------------------------|B---------------------------------------|G-------------------6666-5555-33333333--|D-88888888-44444444-6666-5555-33333333--|A-88888888-44444444-4444-3333-11111111--| x2E-66666666-22222222---------------------|
VerseGuitar 1 and two"Sweet heart, here's the sweet heart....."E------------------------------|B------------------------------|G-------------------6666-5555--|D-88-86-88-86-88-86-6666-5555--|A-88-86-88-86-88-86-4444-3333--| x2E-66-64-66-64-66-64------------|
ChorusGuitar 1 and two"What planet are you from....."E---------------------------------------|B---------------------------------------|G-33333333----------6666-5555-33333333--|D-33333333-44444444-6666-5555-33333333--|A-11111111-44444444-4444-3333-11111111--| x4E----------22222222---------------------|
Then repeat the verse Repeat chorus but play the last three chords twice on the fourth time
Bridge:Guitars don't play at this point so just play some base notes or don't. Whatever you wanna do."Sweet Heart I'm here for you, to see your pretty face......."E----------------------------------|B----------------------------------|G----------------------------------|D----------------------------------|A-11-11-1-------44444444-33333333--| x4E--------22-22-2-------------------|
Guitar 2 comes in "Only to get to you....."
I haven't figured out the solo yet so just play the same chords as the chorus which is guitar 2 plays...... Play the chorus again twice but repeat the last three chords three times. The intro comes in when he says: "I'm reaching out......" Thats it. I hope you get it and that you like it....
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