Short Stack - Darling Ill Be Your Werewolf chords version 3

hey guys its me again ;) doing some more ss tabs, if you have any requests or 
issues feel free to contact me on twitter @rachelrawrmeow :)x

Em Ctoday i went
Gto speak to god
D Em (play strings seperately)but the sky was empty
C G Dand the clouds fell down around me and you
Emas we stood
C Ghand in hand
Di hope you invent me
Em C G D Em (back to playing chords)a sea of love in which to drown me and you
Cwe're going to hell
G just because we're werewolves we're werewolves
D Emahoo ahoo ahoo
Cmy love is quite a thrill
G darling il be your werewolf your werewolf
Daho ahoo ahoo
continue through next verse BRIDGE
Em C Gits 11.57
Dshe tastes so sweet
Emand i want more
Cjust a second
G Dlay in heaven as my heart]
hit hit hits the floor
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