Shout Out Louds - Normandie tab version 2

i just tabbed this myself, so feel free to comment adjustments, or even other parts of 
the song! I love this song, and i figure this is an important part of it!
/s/= Slide. from the fret before to the fret after the S

(2 times)E---------------------|A-----------------8-8-|D-10-10-8-7-7-8-7-----|G---------------------|B---------------------|e---------------------|
(2 times)E------------------------|A-------------8------8-8-|D-10/s/12-10-7--7-8-7----|G------------------------|B------------------------|e------------------------|
Repeat through parts of the song! its quiter and louder during different spots, and im sure you can figure it out! Enjoy, Kevin Hunt
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