Shout Out Louds - Blue Headlights chords

Dm G C FSarah wrote epistles on the subject of despair
Dm G C Fon the night last year when there was no love in the air.
Dm G C FListen friend she wrote, and I heard her pen cry before it broke.
Dm G C G FWho are we and why, oh why can't we behave?
Dm G CWe are good people, aren't we? Do you know?
Dm G C FJon-jon had surprising eyes and narrow black suede shows,
Dm G C Fa war to fight in Paris and a sister with the blues.
Dm G C FPuisque ton papa est en voyage you heard your mother making
Dm G C G Flove is not what we are Jon-jon, you and I
Dm G C are rats at cupids table and we're fine.
Dm G C FIn the darkest corner of a downstairs gathering
Dm G C Fladybirds and pirate cowboys, made up, conversing.
Dm G C FIslands sinking from musicians, bedtime stories, York Magicians,
Dm G C G Fbut you don't have to worry darling, frozen hearts leave
Dm G C seethrough scarring, and no one else will know unless you tell.
Dm G C FDrink to ghosts of past years' catastrophic love affairs,
Dm G C Fto robes of red and silver tales worn thin from too much care.
Dm G C FComfort doesn't always come in glasses, but perhaps tonight
Dm G C G FI won't be the only one with blue headlights.
Dm G CCome on ladies, take your love to town.
Dm G CPick it up boys, take your love to town.
Dm G CEverybody, take your love to town.
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