Shout Out Louds - Blue Headlights tab version 1

"Blue Headlights" - The shout out louds
By: Piro

Just a simple tab because nobody seems to want to tab these guys, even thought they are heavenly.

c (barred) - E--8----| B--8--------| G--9----| D--10-------| A--10-------| E--8----|
G (barred) - E--3----| B--3--------| G--4----| D--5--------| A--5--------| E--3----|
Dm(barred) - E--5----| B--6--------| G--7----| D--7--------| A--5--------| E--5----|
F (normal) - E--1----| B--1--------| G--2----| D--3--------| A--3--------| E--1----|
They do this riff for most of the song with little variations.
Dm (barred) G (barred) c (barred) FE------5-----5----------------------------------------------------------------|B--------6-----6---------3----3-----3------8------8------8-----1-----1-----1--|G----7-----7-----7---------4----4------------9------9------------2-----2------|D----------------------5-----5----5-----10-----10-----10-----3-----3-----3----|A-----------------------------------------------------------------------------|E-----------------------------------------------------------------------------|
You don't have to play the bar chords, it sounds just as good playing the chords with a second guitar picking over top. Dm G c F Sarah wrote epistles on the subject of despair Dm G c F on the night last year when there was no love in the air. Dm G c F Listen friend she wrote, and I heard her pen cry before it broke. Dm G F G c Who are we and why, oh why can't we behave? Dm G c We are good people, aren't we? Do you know? Jon-jon had surprising eyes and narrow black suede shows, a war to fight in Paris and a sister with the blues. Puisque ton papa est en voyage you heard your mother making love is not what we are Jon-jon, you and I are rats at cupids table and we're fine. In the darkest corner of a downstairs gathering ladybirds and pirate cowboys, made up, conversing. Islands sinking from musicians, bedtime stories, York Magicians, but you don't have to worry darling, frozen hearts leave seethrough scarring, and no one else will know unless you tell. Drink to ghosts of past years' catastrophic love affairs, to robes of red and silver tales worn thin from too much care. Comfort doesn't always come in glasses, but perhaps tonight I won't be the only one with blue headlights. Dm G c Come on ladies, take your love to town. Dm G c Pick it up boys, take your love to town. Dm G c Everybody, take your love to town. There you go! Awesome song and easy to play so have fun with it!! -Piro
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