Shovels And Rope – Boxcar chords ver. 2

Left handed
G: Ain't it just like 
D: you an' me to go
C: down like
G: that
G: Bleedin' out in a
D: Boxcar
C: Shot in the
G: Back

G: We were all outta luck
D: And all outta time
C:Law was waitin for us at the 
G: end of the line

G:Any minute now
D: we knew we was gonna 
C:have to de-
G: cide


C: Take yer fat chance and come out gunnin'
G: head out now and 
D: try to keep runnin
C: down south

Hold C

C: 'till she said
G: Hey hey
D: cut the rope, ain't 
C: no way I'm gonna let 'em
Em: get us both so
G: don't stop runnin 'till yeh
D: reach that coast
C: let yer pretty mama go up in (hold C) smoke


Repeat first verse chords for second verse

C: Pistol strapped and her hair was dyed
G: Gonna make her money like 
D: Bonnie and Clyde we'll be
C: Allright


C; Don't let the sorrow of it get you down
G: change yer last name and try yer
D: luck around
C: And if they ever come to ask about me
G: tell 'em that you knew me and yeh 
D: kinda liked me
C: I ain't afraid to go it on my own
G: You -----
D: ----- you'll be 
C: allright
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