Showbread – Jesus Lizard tab

Song-Jesus Lizard(on the cd its misprinted as centipede sisters but its realy JL)
Album-Age Of Reptiles

Verse Riff play 2x for each verse

Chorus play 2x for first Chorus and 4x for 2nd you figure out strumming (Heavy Distortion)
2nd Verse is same as 1st but the 2nd verse is twice as long and for the first half there no guitar only effects once the first half is done then come in with the same thing as verse listen to the song and you?ll see what I mean also I believe there is some guitar with phase and some echo on it but I can?t make it so I cant tab it for you 2nd Chorus is 4x through the Chorus Riff Bridge Part A For a while its just singing and bass then just before the solo the guitar starts this
|--------------------||14-14-14-14-14b15r14||--------------------||--------------------||--------------------||--------------------|The last note that is bent is Tremolo Picked(Fast Picking) and is a slow gradual bend then quickly released back the the C# listen to the song to see what I mean
Guitar Solo(Bridge Part B)
All Tremolo Picked except for the notes on the second stanza on the high E String which all picked once if you don?t understand what im saying listen to the song and you?ll it
At this point the 2nd guitarist plays thisG|-4b/6b7r6|D|-4b/6b7r6|A|-2b/4b5r4|
he uses a whammy bar to do this but since I don?t have one on my Les Paul this is how I it. Then it goes into the 3rd and final chorus it is 3x through of the chorus riff and then the 4th time he plays this
and that ends the song just so you know the verse parts are played by the 1st guitarist the part I said I tab in the 2nd verse is played by the 2nd guitarist all choruses are played by both solo is 1st presolo is by 1st the little thing before the last chorus is played by the 2nd guitarist if you have any comments or fixes email me at
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