Showbread - The Fear Of God chords

Artist: Showbread
Song: The fear of God
Album: The fear of God 
Year: 2009

E G#mDear God, why should I think You're good in a world that's falling apart?
C#m B The flags and lies, picket signs raised high, the endless enveloping dark
E G#mNow here we sit, drifting further from You, two thousand years on their way out
C#m BNow here I am, as I've grown to know You, still haunted by my fears and my doubts
Am BJust a man, just a vapor, just a waste of your space
G#m AmAll the good that I've done is in spite of myself
B G#m I'm not sure that I can look You in Your face when I finally set foot in
Am BYour kingdom
E G#mDear God, what went wrong? We hate ourselves, we hate our brother
C#m B We so desperately want to find our way, and all You say is love one another
Am B Am E B Bridge:
Am BAnd little babies starve to death, emaciated, out of breath
C#m EUnfaithful wives make vows untrue, husbands beat them black and blue
Am BJunkies vomit in the streets, writhing, twitching in their skin
C#m ESell themselves to die some more, rotting from the outside in
Am BParents steal the innocence from their children, scared and shaking
C#m EDrink away the guilt at night, brings quiet to the endless aching
Am BAnd evil men boast on TV, swimming in a sea of wealth
C#m EWhile misery beds honest men, and lonely people kill themselves
Am BAnd everyone cries out Your name, as the world is raped by selfishness
C#m EAnd no one knows the way to heaven, we only know the emptiness
Am BAnd the storm it rages in my heart, and the endless empty roars in my ears
C#m EMy world is coming all apart, I've no strength left to dry my tears
Am BAnd through it all I hear Your voice, breaking my heart, breaking my will
C#m ECalms the storm inside my soul as You whisper "peace, be still..."
Am C#mYou place Your hands around my heart, You quiet the emptiness in me
G#m B A king that kneels, a God made a servant, You set the captives free
Am C#mYou wait for me, a wretch of a man, no record of wrongs do You keep
G#m BYou are comfort when I mourn, You are strength when I am weak Jesus Christ,
Am C#mthe king of kings. Though we ache, though we cry, never break, never die
G#m Am C#m We sing of His great love again and again and His love reigns forever, and
B Am C#m G#m B Am C#m G#m B forever more. Forever and ever, Amen
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