Showbread - I Think Im Going To See You tab

             This is my first time ever doing a tab and its not much but
             Im pretty sure I got it.Showbread is one of my favorite
             bands and I dont see many tabs up with them so I thought
             what the heck I'll do one. 
             So if anyone sees a problem in my tab
             please tell me.

             / = slide up
             \ = slide down
             p = pull off
             h = hammer on
             b = bend
Intro: Madness Is like love............... 0:00 - 0:08 e |----------------------------------------------| B |----------------------------------------------| G |---9-----13-----8-----6-----9----8------------| D |---x------x-----x-----x-----x----x------------| A |---7-----11-----6-----4-----7----6------------| E |----------------------------------------------|
0:09 - 0:18 |------------------------------------------------------| |-55/7b-7-5-4h5p4-4-222-22-5-2-7-9h10p9-7-7h9p7-5------| |----------------5-------------------------------------| |------------------------------------------------------| |------------------------------------------------------| |------------------------------------------------------|
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