Where I Belong tab with lyrics by Sia - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Sia – Where I Belong tab

i worked it out by ear so hopefully its correct! :) Sounds alright to me!


           Em   D
Without truth
      Em   D
We lose 
Yet we want to spare the feelings of those 
   Em   D
we love

      Em   D
Don't cry
         Em    D
We've all lied
But there is always room for forgiveness 
Bm  Em
my friend

   Em           F#dim         G         Am   
So don't treat me bad just be glad I am strong
       C       Bm (or it may be B Major- whatever sounds right to you)
I know where I belong
  Em            F#dim         G         Am 
And soon you will see we are blessed and complete
          C                       Bm (or B)
There's a place here for you with me

Verse:  (Same chords as first verse)

You're fine
See I will always have a smile for you my love
And still
We will
Be ok and along the way we'll learn a thing or two

Chorus repeats over until song finishes :)

F#Diminished =   x 9 10 11 10 9   or   x 9 7 5 x x

Sash. ;)
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