Sick Of It All - Call To Arms tab

CALL TO ARMS - Sick Of It All 

Tabbed by Mandy 

ok heres the chords used, listen to the song for timing and stuff cuz i cant 
be bothered to put how many times to play each chord 

Intro e:-------------------- b:-------------------- g:--7-----7----------- d:--7--5--7----7------ a:--5--5--5----7------ E:-----3-------5------
verse e:--------------------------- b:--------------------------- g:--7-----7------7--------7-- d:--7--5--7--7---7--5--5--7-- a:--5--5--5--7---5--5--5--5-- E:-----3-----5------3--3-----
chorus bit e:---------------------------- b:---------------------------- g:-10-------------7-10-----9-- d:-10-10--5--(x3)-7-10-10--9-- a:--8-10--5-------5--8-10--7-- E:-----8--3-------------8-----
Ok thats it. send me tab and i'll put it on my site -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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