Sick Of Sarah - Fall chords

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Tuning: Tune the high e string down to d

For the intro/ verse you play the bottom two notes of the chord and then strum the chordthe video for the timing). You do that three times with the different chords (G5, D5,C5--yes, all power chords) and then you play the harmonics. The first time it you "bar" (don't press down) on the fifth fret. The second is the D, G, and B string ontwelfth fret. The singing is slightly behind the chord change.
Intro/Verse G5 D5 C5 (harmonic) G5 D5 C5 harmonicsD|-----000------000------0000---500------000------000------0000------------|B|-----000------000------0000---500------000------000------0000-------(12)-|G|-----000------777------5555---500------000------777------5555----(12)----|D|-----555----7-777----5-5555---500------555----7-777----5-5555--(12)------|A|---5-555--5---555--3---3333---500----5-555--5---555--3---3333------------|E|-3---333------000------0000---500--3---333------000------0000------------|
Chorus: C5 D5 C5 Em C5 D5 2xD|---0----0----0----0----0----0-----------------------------------------------|B|---0----0----0----0----0----0-----------------------------------------------|G|---5----7----5----0----5----7-----------------------------------------------|D|---5----7----5----2----5----5-----------------------------------------------|A|---3----5----3----2----3----3-----------------------------------------------|E|---0----0----0----0----0----0-----------------------------------------------|
G5 D5 C5 Your heart is taking such a break
G5 D5 C5 Am I the wet socks that you hate
Ect. Chorus:
D5You never called
C5 EmYou never seemed unlucky, untamed
C5 D5I was so hoping, that I was more able
C5 EmTo be, now Iím afraid
C5That this world was lying
D5When my heart was crying
C5 EmAnd I canít take this pain
C5 D5 C5(intro/verse structure)When you never call, you never fall, my way.
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