Sick Of Sarah – Autograph tab ver. 2

I'm pretty sure these are the right tabs. 
I watched Abisha playing it in a video so it should be somewhat accurate. 
Enjoy (: 

Verse 1:e--2---3---5-------------|B--3---3---5-------------|G--4---4---6-------------|D--4---5---7-------------|A--2---5---7-------------|E--2---3---5-------------|
you had a heart of gold you had a heart of stone i had a heart attack i pulled you in you pushed me back you're not so innocent you're just a hypocrite now turn me on let me loose blow me off what's your excuse
I'm not messing aroundi want your autographi wanna touch youyeahi'm not messing aroundmessing aroundi want your autographe--1---2--|B--2---3--|G--3---4--| x8D--3---4--|A--1---2--|E--1---2--|
Verse 2:e--2---3---5-------------|B--3---3---5-------------|G--4---4---6-------------|D--4---5---7-------------|A--2---5---7-------------|E--2---3---5-------------|
your bones are pliable so undeniable cannot commit to words cuz words are indescribable if i had my way i'd eat you everyday now come a little closer listen to the words i got to say
i'm not messing aroundi want your autographi wanna touch youyeahi'm not messing aroundmessing aroundi want your autographand you'll just screw with my soulyour words they twist and foldi need to learn to swallow them wholeswallow them wholei want your autographe--1---2--|B--2---3--|G--3---4--| x8D--3---4--|A--1---2--|E--1---2--|
can't quite sleep in the middle of the night you're touching yourself if you could see everything that i see i can't quite take this i can't quite break this you can't quite take this you can't quite break this Chorus
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