Sidewalk Prophets – The Words I Would Say Acoustic chords

Here are the chords G(no3) G/F# Em C2(no3) D/F# F C D Em7 e|-3-------3------3----3-------2------1-----0----2----3--------------------|B|-3-------3------3----3-------3------1-----1----3----3--------------------|G|-0-------0------X----0-------2------2-----0----2----0--------------------|D|-0-------0------2----0-------0------3-----2----0----0--------------------|A|-X-------X------2----3-------0------3-----3----X----2--------------------|E|-3-------2------X----X-------2------1-----X----X----0--------------------|
Capo 3 INTRO: G Em7 C2(no3)
G Em C2(no3)VERSE 1
G Three in the morning,
G/F# And I'm still awake,
Em C2(no3)So I picked up a pen and a page,
GAnd I started writing,
G/F#Just what I'd say,
Em C2(no3) If we were face to face,
D Em CI'd tell you just what you mean to me,
D Em CTell you these simple truths,
G Be strong in the Lord and,
G/F#Never give up hope,
EmYou're going to do great things,
C2(no3)I already know,
GGod's got His hand on you so,
G/F#Don't live life in fear,
EmForgive and forget,
C2(no3)But don't forget why you're here,
D Em CTake your time and pray,
D GThese are the words I would say,
G Em7 C2(no3) G Em C2(no3) VERSE 2 Last time we spoke, You said you were hurting, And I felt your pain in my heart, I want to tell you, That I keep on praying, Love will find you where you are, I know cause I've already been there, So please hear these simple truths, CHORUS BRIDGE
F ...say...
C G G/F#From one simple life to another,
FI will say,
C DCome find peace in the Father,
D Em C Take your time and pray,
D Em CThank God for each day,
D Em CHis love will find a way,
D These are the words I would say
OUTRO: G Em7 C2(no3)
G Em C2(no3) *Single Strum
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