Sido - Bilder Im Kopf tab version 2

Play through whole song (Barrй) :

 ---- G----F----F--C--Bb

E ----3----1----1--3--1-|B ----3----1----1--5--3-|G ----4----2----2--5--3-|D ----5----3----3--5--3-|A ----5----3----3--3--1-|E ----3----1----1--X--X-|
Tab (played off-beat)
E ---------------------------------------|B ---------------------------------------|G --------------------------5--3---------|D -----5------3------3-------------------|A -------------------------3--1----------|E ---3---(1)1---(1)1---------------------|
First tab!! May be right, may be wrong... Benderris
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