Sifl And Olly – Rock Balls tab

This is Sifl & Olly's "Kiss" style song.

These are the chords used throughout the entire song

A A G G D D F riff----------------------------------------------------------|----------------------------------------------------------|-------------------------7-------7--10--------10-8--------|7---------7--5--------5--7-------7--10---8-10------10-8---|7---------7--5--------5--5-------5--8---------------------|5---------5--3--------3-----------------------------------|
the entire solo is the 12th fret on the B string being bent and released The song goes as follows A A G She says that she likes to rock G D D F riff The night is young and the fire is hot A A G So kick it up in our limosine G D D F Riff Lick it up if you know what I mean ROCK BALLS! ROCK BALLS! (Spaceman!) --guitar solo She's alright, she's ain't ??? So rock balls til the morning light! ROCK BALLS! Thanks to for the lyrics
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