Sigur Ros - Staralfur tab

Staralfur - Sigur Ros

Most of this was worked out using
although the song order is different to the cd.
Just to confuse you I've kept the original order.
Also the video is in E and not the half note up on the cd.

*this version is intended to be an acoustic version really but I've added some other bits too.

There's a video of exactly how I play it here (capo on 1st fret):


violins start with:

E--12---------|--14----------------| x2B--14---------|--15----------------|G-(14)--------|-(14)---------------|D-(14)--------|--12----------------|A--12---------|--------------------|
These are also the verse chords but you can just play A and D basically. Then for the intro you could play
or on an acoustic this sounds really good: | A | A7 A7add11 | (A7add 11 = x02022) | D | Dmaj7 D | Piano bit that goes on top:
So: | A | A7 A7add11 | | D | Dmaj7 D | x2 A D blá nótt yfir himininn A D* *play D for A bar Dsus4, D, Dsus2, D5 blá nótt yfir mér a beat each for the second bar A D A horf-inn út um glugann minn međ hendur D C#dim faldar undir kinn G D A F#/D hugsum daginn minn í dag og í gćr A D blá nóttfötin klćđa mig i, A D* beint upp i rúm A D breiđi mjúku sćngina A D C#dim loka augunum G D C#dim ég fel hausinn undir vćng Refrain: Bm Bm/A A G A A7 D/C# starir á mig lítill ál-fur Bm Bm/A A G A A7 D hleypur ađ mer en hreyfist ekki A** G G/F# **(confused by this bit - A sounds ur stađ - - sjalfur better but it looks like he's G D playing G/F# on the vid. I play A) starálfur Back to the intro over | A | A7 A7add11 | D | Dmaj7 D | x2 etc A D Opna augun stírurnar úr A D* trygi mig og tel (hvort ég sé ekki) A D kommin aftur og alltalltilć A D C#dim samt ventar eitthvađ G D*** ***Here I play the D for most of the bar eins og alla veggina then Dsus2, D, Dsus4 quickly before the instrumental to mimic the orchestra The instrumental interplay: | A | Asus2 A | D | D/C# | Bm | | G | D/F# | A | | A7 | D | D Dsus4 D | | D/C# | Then the orchestra plays the refrain chords, followed by | D G/D D | G | G | G D | D | A7 | D/F# | x2 (actual bar timing a bit sketchy) Then A** G G/F# ur stađ - - sjalfur G D starálfur Notes: For acoustics sake: C#dim- x4535x (he plays the C# bass while the orchestra plays the remainder) I use 3x0003 for G G/D chord at the end is xx0033 G/F# 2x0033
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