Silence 4 – Goodbye Tomorrow chords

Not 100% accurate but in my opinion better than the very few tabs out here. In this
intro the strumming pattern "weaker" than during the song, try to make this a little softer
so that even when making the same chord you get a slightly different impact, this can be 
done by in the intro strumming mainly the B and G strings. Listen to the song over and
over to the understand the patterns, riffs, everything

riff 1:-0---000---0----0------| e-1---111---1----1/3----| B-0h2-220h2-2----2/4----| G-0---000---0----0------| D-----------------------| A-----------------------| E
Am/D (xx0120) Let's call riff2 to the riff 1 without the slide of the chord. The transition from riff1 to Am/D Intro: riff1 riff2 riff1 riff2 riff2+Am/D
Am/D riff2 Am/DI was thrown out from your world
riff2 Am/DI just got out by your back door
riff2 Am/DSuddenly my brightness became so bored
riff2 Am/DMaybe I just can't bright anymore
Am/D riff2 Am/DYes I am ugly as much as I can be
riff2 Am/Dand, that was always a big part of me
riff2 Am/Dyou're dragging me down for what I am
riff 2 Maybe I never was what you planned
C GSoon I'll be dead
BmMy words in your head
G GmWill now be a shadow
D G GmAll my feelings are broken
D G GmLove just can't be spoken
Same as Verse: When was the last time your eyes saw me ? I don't remember, was I on my sleep ? You're dragging me down for what I am Maybe I never was what you planned Same as Chorus Soon I'll be dead My words in your head Will now be a shadow All my feelings are broken Love just can't be spoken No using pretending sorrow Where will I be tomorrow ?
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