Silent Old Mtns - The Most Logical Thing chords

The Most Logical Thing
By Silent Old Mtns.

Intro: (play twice)-----0---------------------------------------------------------|-1-------3---1---0---3---1---0-------1---------------0---1-----|---------------------------------2-------2---2---2-------------|---------------------------------------------------------------|---------------------------------------------------------------|---------------------------------------------------------------|
Verse 1:
C B AmI close the blinds so no one can see,
Am CWhat we keep between you and me,
B AmNeither of us liked to share our things.
C AmYou follow me out in the yard,
Am CI follow you from end to the start,
B AmThere's not a place I'd go without you.
Intro Verse 3:
C B AmEven to hell you'd chase me,
Am CIt's not our first choice it's plain to see,
B AmBut if I'm there you'll be there too.
C B AmNothing can separate our love,
Am CNot fire nor poison nor orders from above,
B AmI love you babe and you love me.
Intro Verse 5: (play twice)
B AmPut this away and sleep awhile,
AmI'm close I'm not but a mile,
B Am CGone to sing you this lullaby.
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