Silent Sanctuary – Summer Song tab

  Summer Song by Wavorly

F Am E Ge|--------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|--------------------------------------------------------------------------|G|------5--5-------5--5------5--5------5--5---------------------------------|D|-----5--5--5----5--5--5---5--5--5---5--5--5-------------------------------|A|-------------0------------------------------------------------------------|D|---3--------------------2---------5---------------------------------------|
VERSE F Am E Spread the blanket on top G F and I'll turn off the lights Am E G F And we'll gaze at the stars Am E With you by my side G F the moon set to the right Am E G its incomparable so far PRE-CHORUS C CHORUS Am G C I haven't stopped falling in love Am G Haven't stopped falling VERSE Two years ago I had no idea that you were so perfect and as we wait so long until we join hands you make the way worth it CHORUS VERSE Now years down the road still hasn't gotten old to sit and laugh the day away there's one thing you should know my love for you grows even more everyday CHORUS BRIDGE This is the part i struggled with. It was hard to make it out with everything going on C And that day F G I finally can take you home C F G there's no way I'm ever ever letting go C F G We’ll be ok, though miles may separate C F G There’s no space between our hearts C F G And this day, I choose to keep loving you C F G As if it were a choice, I can’t stop falling… END CHORUS THINGY C Am G C Am G F Am G C Am
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