Silly Wizard – Queen Of Argyll tab

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                        The Queen of Argyll            (Arr. Silly Wizard)

This is a fun little Celtic ditty from the Albulm "Best of Silly Wizard" on
Shananchie Records. It is played blindingly fast (as observed on the albulm).
The TAB parts are played as INTRO, SOLO, and FINALE, just with differing
combinations of Riff 1 followed by Riffs 2 and 3. However, the guitarist only
seems to speed up towards the end (blister's on me fingers! hehe) Anyhow,
this song isn't probably too popular or well known with most folks, so have
some fun with it if you know it. And send me any mistakes if I have them.


e|---5-----5--------|B|---6-6-8---6-5-h6-|G|---7--------------| Riff 1D|-0-0--------------|A|------------------|E|------------------|
e| --------3-----3-----3-----3-----------------------------|B|-3-5---5-----5-----5-----5-----5---5---------------------|G|-----5-----4-----5-----4-----5---4-----------------------|D|---------------------------------------------------------| Riff 2A|---------------------------------------------------------|E|---------------------------------------------------------|
Play riff 1 again as an intro to Riff 3:
e| --------1-----1---------------3-----3-------------------|B|-3-1---3-----3-----3-(3>5)---5-----5-----5---------------|G|-----3-----3-----3---(3>5)-5-----5-----5-----------------|D|---------------------------------------------------------|A|---------------------------------------------------------|E|---------------------------------------------------------|
Repeat Riff 1 Again..then Riff 3 in a slightly trickier form:
e| --------1-----1---------------3-----3-------------------|B|-3-1---3-----3-----3-(3>5)---5-----5-----5---------------|G|-----3---->2---->3---(3>5)-5---->4---->5-----------------|D|---------------------------------------------------------|A|---------------------------------------------------------|E|---------------------------------------------------------|
Celtic music is TOTALLY oriented into massive sessions of hammer/pulls and slides. Have fun with this technique, and you're sure to pull through some interesting things. Here are the lyrics, they follow a straight chord progression. Riff 3 leads into the first verse, with the chord starting the strumming as indicated. Go for it, you should see smoke on your strings when you break Dm C G C Dm C G C Gentle men it is my duty To inform you of one beauty Dm C G C G C G Though I'd ask you of a favor, no to seek her for awhile Dm C G C Dm C G C Though I own she is a creature Of character and feature Dm Bb C Am Dm No words can paint the picture of the Queen of ole Argyll CHORUS (Same chord progression) And if you could have seen her there, boys if you had just been there This one was in her movement, and the morning in her smile All the roses in the garden, they bow and ask her pardon For not one could match the beauty of the queen of ole Argyll More Verses: On that evening that I mention, I passed with light intention Through a part of our dear country known for beauty and for style Bein' a place of noble thinkers, of scholars and great drinkers But above them all for splendour shone the Queen of Ole Argyll CHORUS Throw in a solo here. So my lads my needs must leave you, my intention no to grieve you Nor indeed would I decieve you, oh I'll see you in awhile I must find some way to gain her, to court her and to tame her I fear my heart's in danger from the Queen of ole Argyll CHORUS (do it twice or so) FINALE -- run through the Riffs.. Great song, I still have not mastered the lead stuff fully, but then again it took two guitars to do it on the albulm. Have fun, and if you enjoyed this TAB, and have other Celtic stuff. PLEASE! post it on, or FTP it to mail it to me. Thanks. HIRSCHFB@CORRAL.UWYO.EDU In the great state of Wyoming. O O or @POSSE.UWYO.EDU "Wander Nebraska!" NE State Logo >@@< "Find Yourself in Wyoming" WY State Logo \/
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