Silver Jews - My Pillow Is The Threshold chords

BAND:silver jews
TITLE: My Pillow Is A Threshold
tabbed by zaqlow

Am EmI take decaf coffee
Am EmTwo sugars and one cream
Am Dm don't see the use in staying
Fup Just to watch tv
Am EmI unplug all the neon
Am EmTurn the ringer off the phone
Am DmThrow my thoughts like tomahawks
FInto this world which I disown
Am DmBecause the pillow that i dream on
F AmIs the threshold of a kingdom
DmIs the threshold of a
Em Amworld Where I'm with you
Am DmIts a dark and snowy secret
F AmAnd it has to do with heaven
DmAnd what looks like sleep
Em AmIs really hot pursuit
Am EmI hold your picture in my mind
Am EmIt makes me warm when I'm cold
Dm AmIt gets me up, it makes me walk
FIt makes me question what I'm told
Am EmSomewhere in a foggy atlas
Am EmLookout mountain, lookout sea
Am DmFirst LIFE takes time, Then TIME takes life
FNow the next move's up to me
Am DmBecause the pillow that I dream on
F AmLeads to some fantastic glory
Dm EmIt's a threshold of a world
AmI can't ignore
Am DmLike time on school from heaven
F AmDid you find me sleeping in your doorway
DmNow I'm here for good
Em AmI won't leave you anymore
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