Silverchair - Faultline tab

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FAULTLINE by silverchair
Transposed by Braamo (

Drop D tuning

Not much tablature to speak of, just a shit loada chords:

	D(2) D# E  F  G  A Bb Bb6 C C6 D(1) D6

Verse: D(1) D6 D(1) C6 C C6 C C6 C C6 Unsuspecting brother .... doesn't know what to do Bb6 Bb G When everything just falls to the ground... (same again) He runs to find some cover, he doesn't have a clue That his friend will never be found. Bb C Bb G When he's informed, that he.... Chorus: [Over-drive/distortion] F F F D(2) F D# Will never see the boy, will never see the boy, Bb G Will never see him open his eyes. D(2) F G We'll never see the boy, we'll never see the boy Bb G We'll only hear his heavenly cries Bb C Bb G F F F Ooh yeah, ooh. D(2) A Bb G D(2) A Bb C Ooh! Ooh! After second chorus, the interlude ("While still you're alive...") repeats: D / A G F / / / Chord progression before the song holds on C is D / A G F E D C After the power C which holds for 8 beats a D(2) is played and held for 8 beats. The song finishes with an indecipherable sequence which seems to be just C and D in no particular order. I just play this by repeating:
The same chord progression described above is played (a little quicker) after this little interlude and the song finishes like this: C / / / / / / D Braamo (
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