Silverchair - Israels Son tab

Song: israels son
Band: silverchair
Tabbed by: Tom Guest
coments: I love this song so much and ive noticed that every tab on here is shit so 
what i think, enjoy

Drop D tunning


e:-----------------------------------------------| wat u do is just place ur fingerb:-----------------------------------------------| over the first fret but DO NOTg:-----------------------------------------------| push down and then strum the deadd:-xxxx(1)-------xxxx(1)--------xxxx(1)----3-----| notes as hard as u can.a:-xxxx(1)-------xxxx(1)--------xxxx(1)----3-----|d:-xxxx(1)-------xxxx(1)--------xxxx(1)----3-----|
(part 1) (Part 2)e:-------------[ ]-------------[ in third and final chorus playb:-------------[ ]-------------[ (part 2)3 times.g:-------------[ x3 then ]-------------[d:-00-53--0-23-[ ]-1111/6666---[a:-00-53--0-23-[ ]-1111/6666---[d:-00-53--0-23-[ ]-1111/6666---[
bridge 1: in the bridge Dan plays a harmonic/feedback solo sort of thing, with a good amp and load of distortion (witch u slould be playing with anyway) u should be able to make a similar affect. fill or connection between bridge and 3rd chorus:
bridge 2:
e:---------------------------[b:---------------------------[g:---------------------------[u can figure out wend:-xx(1)-53------------------[do it but he chucksa:-xx(1)-53-------3b~~~~-----[in this every nowd:-xx(1)-53--0h3h5-------5---[and then.
bridge 3: (in this bridge the tempo doubles)
and thats it!, simple but by far the best grunge song ever written, enjoy!
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