Silverchair – Cemetery tab

Hey, everyone. Check this out. Its in drop D tuning and it's done in broken chords.
Hope yall like it, this is truly a great song!!!
(anything wrong with it, then email me.

Notes: C Em Am G/Be-------------------------3-------|B----1-------------1------3-------|G------------------2--------------|D----2------2------2--------------|A----3------2-------------2-------|E---------------------------------|
C Em Need a change C Em Not to imitate C Em But to irritate C Em All the one's who hate C Em I may be late C Em (C Em Am Em) I always seem to get the wrong date C Em Well I guess its fate C Em I live in a cemetery C Em (C Em) Full of good will and integrity C Em I have no specialty Em You see Am Here's your warning Em (Em) Bm I'll give you click click boom Em C | I live in a cemetery | Em | I need a change | refrain Em C | Not to imitate C | But to irritate (play this part twice.) Em C C I live in a cemetery
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