Silverchair - Fat Donuts tab

Artist: Silverchair
Song: Fat Donuts // I Believe
Album: 'les enfants terribles bootleg
Tabbed By: Simon Robson

Appears only on bootlegs ('les Enfants Terribles', the most known, includes the
Cambridge Hotel Show in Newcastle on June, 7th 1997). This song is known as the
intro of Pure Massacre, it was called "I Believe" during frogstomp tours and "fat
donuts" during Freak Show tours. It's not a real song.

Dropped D tuning (from low to high:DADGBE).

Chorus apparently similar with distortion on.
First verse: 'I can feel it in my heart'e|-3h1h0-|B|-3-----|G|-2-----|D|-0-----|A|-------|D|-------|
Second verse: 'I can't believe it, believe it's true'e|-3h1---|B|-3---3-|G|-2-----|D|-0-----|A|-------|D|-------|
For the bass, just play D!
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